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    R 1 495,00 R 1 995,00
    Add warm, vintage tone to any pair of mics or instruments with the MicTube Duo preamplifier.

    Ideal for any recording or live setup, the MicTube Duo features an easy-to-use control layout and one of the most classic sounding, lowest-noise vacuum tubes: the legendary 12AX7.


    R 195,00 R 795,00
    Over 600 MB of Lap Steel, Steel Guitar, Bass and Electric Guitar loops.

    Cakewalk MUSIC CREATOR 6

    R 300,00 R 589,00
    Music Creator 6 Touch makes it fun and easy to create original music or remix your favorite songs - with no musical experience required.


    R 19 995,00 R 31 995,00
    The American Standard Telecaster® guitar is the same great best-selling go-to model it always has been, and now it's upgraded with a comfortable new body contour and classic-sounding Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele® (neck) and Custom Shop Vintage-Style Tele (bridge) pickups. The latest incarnation of a truly timeless classic, it rings more fully, brightly and crisply than ever.


    R 995,00 R 2 995,00
    The RØDE iXY is the ultimate recording microphone for iPhone®, iPad® or iPod® touch. With up to 24-bit/96k* recording and on-board high-fidelity A/D conversion, your iXY recordings are rich, smooth and accurate.PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL NOT WORK ON THE NEWER LIGHTNING CONNECTORS.

    At the heart of the iXY is a matched pair of ½” cardioid condenser capsules, fixed in a perfect 90 degree ‘near-coincident’ alignment. This results in immersive and true-to-life stereo recordings, captured in incredibly high detail.

    The iXY is supplied with a foam windshield for outdoor recording as well as a reinforced protective zip case to ensure your iXY is available whenever you need it.

    Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad (3rd gen.), iPad 2 and iPad


    R 1 155,00 R 1 495,00
    The RØDE VideoMic is a professional grade 1/2" condenser shotgun microphone designed for use with consumer video cameras and personal audio recorders.

    Zildjian 12" ZBT BRIGHT SPLASH

    R 600,00 R 895,00
    Bright, fast and cutting. Maximum performance. Maximum value. The ideal first Splash.

    Zildjian 19" CUSTOM DARK CHINA

    R 5 350,00 R 6 295,00
    Dry, dark China sound. Immediate initial trashy attack with fast decay. The K Custom cymbals are specially designed to provide more volume and cut with a quicker attack and decay than traditional K Zildjians.

    Zildjian Z30919 19" CYMBAL Z3 THRASH RIDE

    R 2 195,00 R 3 695,00
    The new 19" Z3 Thrash Ride is a special ride cymbal that supplies the best "Wash of Overtones" effect of any current ride cymbal on the market today for those who love to shoulder ride their cymbals.


    R 670,00 R 995,00
    This thin Splash cymbal may be played as they are for airy splash effects. Or they can be stacked on top of, or under any other cymbal to provide an additional layer of white noise. They are a super versatile way to expand your sound.

    Fender 400 PRO HEAD 230V

    R 6 995,00 R 12 995,00
    All the features of the 400 PRO combo in a head version. The 400 PRO head produces 500 Watts (at 2 Ohms; 350 Watts at 4 Ohms) and delivers a thick, natural and balanced tone. It’s mounted in a heavy-duty wooden cabinet with protective corners, and now ships with a free Fender RT-1000 rack tuner. Other features include a five-band EQ (including a three-band semi-parametric EQ with gain control), adjustable compressor, room balance control (compensates for extreme acoustics), “enhance” switch that emphasizes highs and lows, balanced XLR line output, -6db input switch for active basses, effects loop, tuner output with mute and footswitch. You asked for it and we delivered-in spades! The popular 400 PRO Combo is now available as a 350-watt (at 4 ohms; 500 watts at 2 ohms) head. Like the combo, the 400 PRO HD has been designed to deliver a thick, natural and balanced tone that sits fat in your live or studio mix. The 400 PRO HD is mounted in a heavy duty wooden cabinet with protective corners, and has been built with extra room to fit your favorite piece of rack gear.

    Fender G - DEC 3 THIRTY METAL

    R 3 795,00 R 6 995,00
    Plug into this FENDER® amp and get ready to rock! The camo-colored G-DEC 3 Thirty METAL combo amplifier covers everything from aggressive punk to death metal. The G-DEC 3 Thirty METAL comes with 100 presets and tons of loops created by some of the most rocking players in the business. Since you can still use Fender's FUSE software with the G-DEC amps, you can always custom configure them to taste. Best of all, this rocking amp is amazingly portable, so you can tear up the stage, kick out the jams in the practice room, or bring tonal massiveness to your bedroom, with the G-DEC 3 Thirty METAL.

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