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    If you need to have your gear repaired, all you need to do is take the unit to the Paul Bothner Music branch closest to you and ask a sales consultant to book the unit in so that we can send it to our Service Department, for repair.

    Our Service Department fixes keyboards, a vast range of amplifier types, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, public address systems and more. We also specialize in fixing valve amps, and doing guitar and bass setups, and mods.

    Service Department Rates

    • Standard Rates: R340 (V.A.T. incl) per 1/2 hour
    • Urgent Rates: R440 (V.A.T. incl) per 1/2 hour
    • Minimum Assessment Fee: R250

    Service Department Terms and Conditions:

    1. Due to the highly technical and specialized nature of repairs, we regret that we are unable to provide an estimated cost or an absolute completion time confirmation to customers who want to know, when units are booked in for repair. However, a service representative will contact you, should the repair EXCEED the following thresholds:
      * Non-valve repairs: R1020 (V.A.T. incl)
      * Valve amplification repairs: R2300 (V.A.T. incl)1.1 In the event that the aforementioned costs are not acceptable, a handling fee of R200 will be charged.
      For example: If an item costs R150 to repair, the Service Department will repair the unit without contacting you for approval, because the repair costs less than R870. However, if the repair costs more than R870, a Service Department representative will contact you, to clear the repair for your approval. In this latter context, if you choose not to go ahead with the repair, you will pay R200 for the minimum assessment fee.
    2. No repairs can be carried out under guarantee, unless the original proof of purchase is given to us.
    3. Please note that the guarantee will be null and void if, on assessment, it has been found that the unit has been tampered with by non-Bothner staff, e.g. the customer has opened the unit and tampered with anything in trying to assess the fault.
    4. All repairs not collected within 3 months will be sold to defray costs.
    5. Repairs not collected within 30 days of notification, will be subject to additional admin fees equal to 10% of the repair cost per month, calculated on a pro-rata basis.
    6. All data must be backed up by the user (where applicable) prior to booking the said item in for repairs, as we are not liable for any loss of data.
    7. All repairs booked into the Service Department are done so at the risk of the individual handing in the repair to Paul Bothner (Pty) Ltd.
    8. Paul Bothner (Pty) Ltd will not accept liability for any damage or loss that might occur during transport, repair, storage, etc.
    9. All labour performed and parts supplied, under the terms of the repair, are guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the date of invoicing.

    *Non-valve repairs means any unit that does not have valve tubes.*
    *Example: Solid state/transistor amps, acoustic/electric guitars, basses, keyboards etc.*

    Tel: +27 (0)21 799-4900