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    Mapex Black Panther Wraith Matt Halpern Snare Drum

    R 6 785,00 R 9 695,00
    Bone-dry, winter-sharp; the ghost notes whisper while the backbeat wails. This drum will haunt you from beyond the gig.

    The 1.2mm brass shell is perfect for all styles of playing and produces warm, dry tones at all volumes.The 6” depth is perfect for tuning to low pitches for that fat , open sound and as well as tuning high so those ear splitting rim shots.The 9 vents let the drum breathe and helps increase the response and the articulation.


    R 1 950,00 R 2 750,00
    The Mapex MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drums are the ultimate in all-purpose, affordable snares. The steel delivers a balanced tone with crisp highs, a focused mid-range, and fat lows while the hammered dimples produce a drier sound while maintaining a solid metallic crack. The available sizes and tuning range allow the drum to perform well in an extreme range of styles, from light rock to heavy metal.

    Mapex Versatus Russ Miller Snare Drum

    R 6 785,00 R 9 695,00
    With a balance of power and finesse, the Versatus can handle it all. It possesses sensitivity for brushes, articulation for light sticking, and control for big back beats.

    The blended shell brings the punch and the drying character of the Mahogany with the projection and cut of maple.The unique size really focuses the drum and allows for a great amount of punch.Extra venting helps dry the resonance of the drum and effects the “Feel” due to air release.

    Mapex Warbird Chris Adler Snare Drum

    R 5 800,00 R 8 295,00
    Possessing a mix of fury and deadly precision, this drum delivers an intense, dark punch when tuned low and an explosive pop when cranked high.

    The thin hybrid maple and walnut shell makes this drum perfect for a main snare when tuned high and is excellent for use as a auxiliary side snare.The SONIClear™ bearing edge increases tuning range and makes tuning easier and quicker.The small 12” x 5.5” size enhances articulation so that even the softest ghost notes don’t get lost.

    Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare Drum

    R 5 110,00
    Bring in the heavy equipment. Its very distinct bright and focused pitch hammers through the heaviest walls of sound.

    Mapex Black Panther Phantom Snare Drum

    R 3 495,00 R 4 995,00
    Did you hear that? This unique Birch and Walnut hybrid shell resurects your ghost notes to keep your beats alive.

    Mapex Black Panther Phatbob Snare Drum

    R 4 895,00
    With its extra thick shell, rounded bearing edges, and deep snare bed, Phatbob can barely button its pants with all that body.

    Mapex Black Panther Velvetone Snare Drum

    R 4 620,00 R 6 595,00
    Don't fall under a spell due to its beautiful and seductive looks. This drum is warm and focused. Be careful when handling her.

    Mapex Black Panther Stinger Snare Drum

    R 2 590,00 R 2 995,00
    Crank it up and hit it hard. The Stinger is a perfect auxiliary snare delivering a sharp crack. Hit it! It'll only hurt for a second.

    Mapex Black Panther Machete Snare Drum

    R 4 340,00
    The big brother to the Blade, this drum is when you need monster cut to make it through the thickest guitar sounds.

    Mapex Armory Exterminator Snare Drum

    R 3 845,00 R 5 495,00
    This drum is all about mass impact. With a Birch/Walnut Hybrid Shell, the Exterminator has a broad spread and a powerful attack that your bandmates will feel in their gut.

    Mapex Armory Dillinger Snare Drum

    R 3 845,00 R 5 495,00
    Fast, Articulate and Responsive, the Dillinger will handle the most intense of musical assaults. The 8 - ply Maple Shell will open up with just a flick of the finger.